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Archonomics is about finding inspired design solutions within the constraints of space, budget, and environmental impact. The ability to improve the quality and efficiency of existing space is where the dialogue between architecture and economy begins.  It starts with a feeling that the walls around us can offer more, that our homes must evolve to fit into our current and future needs.  The staff at Archonomics helps our clients determine an appropriate course of action for allowing this evolution, knowing from experience when to renovate, when to add on, and in some instance, when to sell and start from new. By adhering to the rules of scale and proportion we create balance and continuity between old and new, ensuring that we add more than square footage, but that we add real value to our client's lives.

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Featured Projects

Curved Central Stringer Stair
Recently completed with Xtreme EffeX Custom Ironworks & Fabrication, Design-Build