CADD Consulting

CADD Consulting

CADD Consulting is one way we can help your business expand and take on more work without taking on more full-time employees.  Our staff will quickly adapt to your office system and will take the care to understand and draft within your CADD standards, working either from a remote location or on site.  The last thing you need when approaching a deadline is to have another hand to hold. Archonomics will supply only dependable and self sufficient CADD technicians, so you can be confident that the drawings produced are accurate the first time.  We know that your reputation depends on it.

This service is not just for architectural design firms.  A large percentage of our drafting work comes from the custom manufacturing and fabrication fields, producing shop drawings and part lists.  Get shop drawing approval faster so you can spend more of your time in the shop building, and less time in front of the computer. 

In addition, 3d rendering and physical model services are available.


Design/Drafting - Hourly or by flat fee contract. Please call for estimate.

3d Rendering Services - Determined on a flat fee basis, submit details for pricing.

Physical Models - Determined on a flat fee basis, submit details for pricing.