Custom Home Design

Home Design is about finding freedom to explore in a world of constraints.  Our method for freeing the potential of your home is creative yet systematic, the success of which depends on the orderly completion of the following steps.

Design Process

Feasibility Study - Project goals, budget, schedule, and zoning limitations are discussed in order to identify possible complications and potential design possibilities.  Identifying a realistic project scope and budget is the primary objective of this phase.

Conceptual Design - This phase often starts with the vision described by our clients.  It begins in the form of a wish list, a magazine clipping, or a napkin sketch.  The purpose of this phase is to expand on a series of concepts and provide an image as it relates specifically to the project constraints.  These design alternatives are presented as sketches and diagrams and are often accompanied by some preliminary discussion of cost implications and potential construction schedule.

Schematic Design - This phase will result in the development of a single scheme following detailed testing of concepts previously explored in sketch and diagram.  Hard-line drawings are produced at this time in order to aid decisions concerning footprint, relationship of program, structure, and material choices.  At the request of our clients we will explore spatial relationship in 3d through computer modeling and hand sketching.  The scope of work will be clearly defined and a pricing package may be produced to ensure targets are met.

Design Development - Often referred to as detailed design, this phase is about refining the construction details and drawings.  Consultants will be involved at this point for engineering of structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing.  Most decisions regarding these trades will be finalized at this point in time.  Again, the scope of work will be clearly defined and a pricing package may be produced to ensure budget and scheduling targets are met.

Construction (Permit) Documents - A package of drawings and specifications are produced in order to communicate to the building industry the design intent of the project. Consultant drawings will be submitted with this drawing package in order to ensure coordinate building systems.  These are the dimensioned drawings that the builder will use to build the project.

Construction Administration - This is possibly the most important phase of a project, and one that often gets overlooked.  Archonomics will closely observe construction progress in order to ensure that our client gets what they have paid for.  Even the clearest set of construction drawings will require sketch clarifications and the occasional change order.  It is our job to make sure the contractor makes good on their obligations and that no corners are cut.

Archonomics Canada Inc. and its employees are not, and have never been, affiliated with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC)  The Architects Act of British Columbia (Under Section 60) creates exceptions from the prohibitions for certain classes of buildings, allowing our designers to assist you on a broad range of project types.  For a complete list of project types, not requiring a registered architect, please visit the AIBC website here