Existing Conditions Survey

Existing Conditions
For the homeowner, architect, or real estate professional, allow Archonomics to get your next project off to a professional start.  The precision of our Existing Conditions drawings provides a solid foundation for your next project or marketing campaign. We take the time to accurately measure the entire home in order to produce detailed computer drawn as-builts. We pay special attention to wall thicknesses, room dimensions, changes in floor elevations, window locations, door locations and swing direction, cabinetry, and plumbing fixture locations to give you a realistic outlook of your existing space.  Floor plan drawings are produced in AutoCAD 2010 and can be exported into many file formats.

For the Homeowner - Archonomics will provide a .pdf file of each floor plan for viewing and scaled printing.  We will also provide the master .dwg file so that you will always have a record of the services you've paid for. This file can be used by design professionals in the future and is a great resource to have on file.

For the Architect - Archonomics gives your company a way to eliminate overhead by allowing our staff to complete your existing conditions drawings.  Unlike our competition, our staff will take the care to understand and draft within your CADD layer standards so you don't have to spend time converting our files into a format that works for you.

For the Real Estate Professional or Developer - Our detailed CADD drawings will be converted into a stylish marketing floor plan and placed into a customizable brochure. Brochure designs allow you to place logos and important contact and listing information on the page, so you maintain your corporate brand recognition.

Rates by Square Footage

Existing Conditions Floor Plans - 45 cents per square foot + travel

Archonomics Canada Inc. and its employees are not, and have never been, affiliated with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC)  The Architects Act of British Columbia (Under Section 60) creates exceptions from the prohibitions for certain classes of buildings, allowing our designers to assist you on a broad range of project types.  For a complete list of project types, not requiring a registered architect, please visit the AIBC website here