Realtor and Developer Services

Realtor Services

In today's competitive real estate market, we understand that you have to sell the experience before you sell the building or rent the unit.  Archonomics helps your prospective buyer envision themselves living in a space, reassures them that a specific room is big enough for their couch, or that grandma's hutch will fit in the corner.  Furniture layout is just the beginning of what we can do.  Having a detailed existing conditions survey reassures them of the listed square footage and gives them the confidence they may need to sign on the dotted line.  In addition, our creative design staff can help demonstrate to your clients how an existing space can be transformed to meet their needs.  For older homes, or for new homes that aren't quite right, realizing the existing potential can be the key to a sale.  

Our Brochure service gives your buyer something to take home with them so your listing doesn't get lost amongst the masses.  Our detailed CADD drawings will be converted into a stylish marketing floor plan and placed into a customizable brochure. Brochure designs allow you to place logos and important contact and listing information on the page, so you maintain your corporate brand recognition.

In addition, we offer floor plans and renderings in a web-ready format for developer presale and marketing use. Choose a drawing style that fits seamlessly into your web or marketing material.

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Real Estate Brochures - 55 cents per square foot + travel, for B&W floor plans and basic layout

Stylized Floor Plans and 3d Rendering Services - Submit details for pricing.

Archonomics Canada Inc. and its employees are not, and have never been, affiliated with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC)  The Architects Act of British Columbia (Under Section 60) creates exceptions from the prohibitions for certain classes of buildings, allowing our designers to assist you on a broad range of project types.  For a complete list of project types, not requiring a registered architect, please visit the AIBC website here