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The Difference in What We Do

You may find another company that specializes in one of the services mentioned above. The primary difference between us and them is that we are first and foremost passionate about quality design and our focus is always on the realization of an end product that our client will be proud of.  It just so happens that during the design process we find ourselves performing the various jobs listed above, and have since decided to market each as separate services.  Our consulting services extend far beyond design and drafting and include: feasibility studies, site selection, site survey, furniture design, energy analysis, LEED consulting, 3d photorealistic rendering, cost estimating, and construction management. Our level of involvement is flexible, but our commitment to high-end design will always remain the same.

Archonomics Canada Inc. and its employees are not, and have never been, affiliated with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC)  The Architects Act of British Columbia (Under Section 60) creates exceptions from the prohibitions for certain classes of buildings, allowing our designers to assist you on a broad range of project types.  For a complete list of project types, not requiring a registered architect, please visit the AIBC website here