Sustainability (LEED) Consulting

Sustainability is a term that excites some people and scares others.  Archonomics is here to help create an acceptance and general understanding of sustainable design principles as it applies to realistic building practices.  We aren't here to bully our clients into wearing hemp pants and move their families into eco-villages, but rather to remove some of the misconceptions about what it means to make green building choices.  Mainly, we want our clients to understand that going green doesn't mean you have to give up or make unrealistic compromises to your existing standard of living, but to show how sustainable design can actually enhance your life and the health of our planet, not to mention ignite a new sector of the world economy.

As we witness a cultural shift towards making sustainably minded consumer decisions; we recognize that the natural efficiency of our home designs combined with our creative use of sustainable design strategies, may give our clients the ability to call their next home a LEED certified home.

Our in-house LEED Accredited Professional will guide you and your contractor through this rewarding and environmentally responsible process of building.


LEED Consulting - Determined on a project basis, submit details for pricing.

Archonomics Canada Inc. and its employees are not, and have never been, affiliated with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC)  The Architects Act of British Columbia (Under Section 60) creates exceptions from the prohibitions for certain classes of buildings, allowing our designers to assist you on a broad range of project types.  For a complete list of project types, not requiring a registered architect, please visit the AIBC website here